Some Oneplus 6t facts:

In this age of technology we all know are fascinated by smartphones and looking for the latest features available to it.

 Here we are to reveal few interesting facts about Oneplus 6t.

Wireless charging is it

The Oneplus 6 does not have wireless charging support though it a glass back which seems to be like a major omission for a smartphone. Protect your Oneplus 6t from dents and scratches uses Oneplus 6t case

 Yes, you can say it might be a cost-cutting measure and it appears to be much more sensible since wireless charging is a heavily used feature but it is good to have.

Wheres the headphone jack

After iPhone x in the smartphone industry the new Oneplus 6t is the exclusion of the 3.5mm headphone jack which is one of the major dissatisfaction which has always been there up till the last Oneplus smartphone. There’s no choice of 3.5mm jack can certainly defer plenty of Oneplus fans that happen to still use the wired earphones.

The reason for not as well as the3.5mm jack within the Oneplus 6t could be a larger battery and inclusion of in-display fingerprint device that left less area for the corporate to incorporate aport in the device.

Big Battery

Yes Oneplus 6t comes with a big battery which holds 3 700 mah power. That isn’t the leading huge battery we’ve seen but still, this battery has a good backup. This is often most likely the most effective battery life I’ve ever seen in associate degree automaton smartphone proving that battery capability doesn’t tell the entire story. oxygenos is very light because it is that is probably going why the battery life is this nice. As before long as you hold the Oneplus 6t in your hand you’ll notice it’s a touch denser than the Oneplus 6 to form an area for a much bigger battery.

Oneplus has additionally modified the curve of the phone to be a lot of outlines and that really gives you a good hold over your phone. Personalise your Smartphone with Oneplus 6t cover

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